Desert Experience

It’s been a while. I’ve neglected my WordPress duties, but for a good reason – I’ve been traveling 😉

Last week two friends and I found our selfs driving south to the Negev desert. The Desert is located around an hour and a half away from Tel Aviv, and all the way to our chosen location you can slowly see the scenery change.

You start from the major metropolitan city of Tel-Aviv with the high rises, to a more suburban cities of Lod, Ashdod and Ashkelon, and all the way to the remote desert locations like Mitzpe Ramon.

When we arrived to Mitzpe we immediately left the small town to find a location where we can gaze the Ramon crater. We found just that .

As we got located, starting to make coffee on the portable stove and positioning the cameras, two backpackers passed us . Naturally we invited them for a cup of coffee and some treats, and we got to talking.

Sarah and Hezi where on their way Eilat, trying to hitchhike the way since they didn’t have enough cash and their credit card didn’t work in the local ATMs. Since it was around 1:00 PM I didn’t think they were going to make it, so I was thankful they decided to spend the rest of the day with us.

Sarah is a Jewish American from Florida, speaking some Hebrew but singing even better. The big plus is probably that she plays the piano, Not that I had a chance to listen to it, but from the way she sings I think my money is on her being a good pianist.

Hezi is an holistic skinny tattooed Spaniard, that can only be described as a happy optimistic man that radiated an optimistic vibe. The pic with the tattoos and the colored lens is Hezi.

By the time we dropped them at the bus station in Mitzpe we managed to switch locations to a small basalt hill where we spent around 2 hours taking pics (the GoPro POV pic is from that location), followed by going to Star Observatory to get the best view of the sunset.

This was an easy trip, not physical at all since we drove everywhere, but it got me thinking about the significance of looking at each trip as an experience, and not only a physical challenge. It’s not that I didn’t know that, but the realisation was more vivid after that day.

This week we’re planing on spending the night in the desert and trying to shooting some stars. Not sure my equipment is up for the challenge, but I’m optimistic. In the meanwhile I hope you enjoy some of the pics from that day. you can also check out my Instagram (@RamPenkar) for more daily pics.

Have a great week;)

First location, looking over the Ramon crated from Mitzpe Ramon:


Second location – basalt hill:


Last location – Star observatory:


The rest:

One day at a time

It’s been a rough few days, haven’t posted much, and really haven’t done much.

For some reason I’m more involved in people’s lives then I wish, and from past experience once you’re involved you stand the chance of getting hurt. Even more so when your emotions are part of the equation.

The conclusion I made from this past few weeks is to detach, evaluate as much as possible from an objective point of view, and hopefully let time do it’s job.

I realise this is a very vague post, but I hope the message behind it is understandable. It’s always hard for me to talk about feelings, so I think on this one I’m going to leave it to your better judgement.

On a more positive note, I had a photoshoot in a local tattoo shop that I think produced some interesting results. hope you enjoy some of it 😉

The setting I used changed a lot since the lighting was different literally in each pic, so I don’t really have exact settings for them.

Have a great weekend;)