Red Winter weekend – Israeli Desert

The interesting thing about Israel is that you can walk the length of the country from tip to tip, and experience all types of nature scenery, everything from snow covered mountains (Mount Hermon) in the north to a desert in the south(a.k.a Negev).

This time I focused on the Desert.

David Ben Gurion said that the Negev is where the creativity and the pioneer vigour of Israel will be tested. I’ve spend a few years in the desert. I’ve spent a few years in the Negev during my military service, and quite honestly I thought I’ve seen it all. I’ve been there during the night, during the day, during sandstorms, and thick fog that limits your sight to 3 meters.

But this weekend I got a special winter treat, the blossom of the Anemone flower in the south. I’ve seen the blossom before, but I never took the time to actually stop and pay attention to it.

Thankfully, my friend Mai (who’ve I mentioned in the last post) gave this time, and gave my the opportunity to actually stop, and admire this beauty.

This trip is exactly what I hope to get out from my 1000 trips to Everest challenge. The opportunity to expand my horizons and invest time in collecting experiences – and what a better place to start then right here at home?

I hope you enjoy the pics I took, unfortunately my Canon lens broke this morning, so all pics were taken with my iPhone 6s camera.

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First steps

Long time no post. I’ve began taking steps to reach my goals in life. I moved out of home, and started going out to experience the Tel Aviv nightlife.

It’s always hard to move out of the comforting environment of your parents home. Not just because you suddenly have to pay rent, and buy groceries and actually clean after yourself. For me it’s hard because it signifies the beginning of a new faze in life.

Standing in the threshold of a new adventure, there is always a sense of fear and excitement. Fear because you’re facing the unknown, and excitement because the unknowns tend to hold great new experiences.

My hope from the move, is that it’ll be a platform to reach and conquer my long term goal of not making money and career the purpose of life, but a vessel. Making sure I don’t start living at the age of 70, but living my life from the now.

I’d love to hear more about your long term resolutions. Where are you now in life, and what steps you are taking to get to where you actually want to be.

On a different note, I truly have a great friend in my life. Her name is Mai. I think people like Mai are unique. I’ve known her for about 6 years, and during these years I got to meet an amazing person, one that donates her time to help kids from broken homes, organise charity events, and overall do good for the world.

Personally, Mai simply amplified the taste, smell, color and feel of life. I truly believe she elevated all aspects of my life. Together we decided to have a weekly adventure, focusing on experiencing foods in Israel. Just this Thursday we visited the Sarona food market in Tel Aviv which turned out to be an amazing evening. more about that and of other places we will visit you can read about in a new blog that we’ll open together soon. for now, enjoy some pics from that night (taken with iPhone 6s).

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First post of the rest of my life, and the 1000 trips to Everest

Got back to Israel a week ago, after 4 Months in Wiesbaden Germany. during these four months my mind was very busy in what’s going on back home, how are my friends and family, what’s on the news, is it still beach wether in Tel-Aviv.

During my time in Germany I had some good influences in my life, started reading every day for a few hours, started working out regularly, started eating right. Basically started concentrating on myself and what I project to the world. but as I started changing my image as seen by others, I realised that I’m actually not doing anything for me. Everything I was doing was for others.
This realisation that I might wake up in my 70′s and all I had to show for myself is professional accomplishments, money and nice things that I bought, is vastly not fulfilling. I was on the right track to be a boring person.

With this realisation I returned home, and immediately was slapped in the face by real life. People in Israel are very engaged, warm and “in your face”. It’s not a bad thing, but it was so distinct from what I’ve gotten used to in Germany. All of a sudden going to the post office was accompanied by people yelling at the post office clerk, that in turned yelled at me. the Supermarket was lacking things I was used to buying, and frankly had broken floor tiles, long lines and an overall mediocre vibe to it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my country. I served in the army, I pay taxes, and I had the chance to travel and camp this beautiful land for years. But this dissonance that was apparent to me mad me want to experience more.

These two conclusions amplified and complemented each other. I wasn’t doing much for myself, and I can see differences due to new experiences that sharpened the flavour of each country. This is where my resolution begins: I am going to go on 1000 trips, and the 1000th trip will be an ascending everest.

It might sound like a boyish goal, and honestly it is. it’s a combination of child like dreaming, with an honest and resolute determination to not wake up in 50 years and feel like i’ve done nothing, but living my life moto: “who dares wins”

my hope from this blog is to take people in my #journey, having people accompany my through trips in Israel, and the world. having you experiencing diving lessons, rock climbing, air diving, and, hopefully in a few years, summiting Everest.

i’ll keep you posted, uploading pics from my #gopro and #canon, and hopefully, if this thing catches on, I’ll get to meet many of you anywhere I go.


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